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Christian Leadership: Awareness and Understanding on Christian Church Leadership

When speaking of Christian leadership, there is no perfect example than Jesus Christ, who guided people, directed thinking, brought them toward truth and showed the way to great love, forgiveness and eternal life. As per John 10:11, “I am a good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep”, defines the perfect description of a Christian leader. Leadership is possessed by a person who can influence and develop a group of people in order to achieve one purpose through knowledge, understanding and great power. A leader is a person who has a head with a compass and a heart with a magnet. We must understand that many of us may have the skills to lead, but only few are chosen, and in Christian leadership, it is important to affirmatively respond to the call of God. Our Lord Jesus us our shepherd, our leader and redeemer who leads our way back to God for eternal life as we originally belonged to before sin.

A Christian leader is a role model of godliness and righteousness in his own life and encourages others to follow his example, likened to a shepherd that comforts, feeds, nurtures, protects and corrects the sheep. A Christian leader must recognize that his leadership skills or performance is greatly governed by a supreme being, which is the Holy Spirit, influencing his daily life and service. In Christian leadership, a Christian leader should be a good follower, with a total surrender or submission of oneself to the lordship and love of Christ. A Christian leader needs the divine intervention of the Holy Spirit because he will not be able to perform his duties and responsibilities merely by his own wisdom, power, or strength.

Christians suffer many injuries in the spirit, and so a compassionate leader is needed who will sympathize with the circumstances, show patience and understanding, encourage through the Word, bear life’s burden, and bring concerns before God’s throne. A Christian leader is also given the duty and responsibility to discipline and correct those in his care whenever they go astray, as likened to a shepherd who uses his crook to pull a wandering sheep so it goes back into the fold. A Christian leader is a protector against false doctrines, and from those who dismisses the Bible as a source of God’s wisdom, power and covenant to His people, as likened to a shepherd who protects his lost sheep and flock against predators. There are so much lies in the world today, which are brought about by false prophets likened to ferocious wolves who presents false teachings to lure the sheep away from the truth and eternal life.A Simple Plan For Researching Resources

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