How Good Content from Swell Marketing Became the Leading Commodity Online

There was a time where bad content had a voice- a time where terrible content can trick its source into looking good, and it became a major issue. Then, Google fixed it. Then, everyone else had to change alongside it.

There is no immediate incentive to create bad content for a quick buck. It may occur here and there, but it never stays around. Bad content can be sniffed out in moments. People see past bad content. Scams are everywhere, but very few of them are legitimately clever or smart (thankfully). Most of them get people who just are not paying attention or who simply don’t know better.

Content that matters is good. There really isn’t any other way to sugarcoat it or simplify it further. If the content matters, in the long run, it is good content. Swell Marketing can help craft content that has some staying power and falls right into the category of good or great. Creating that content is the challenge. Marketers who have a difficult time earning traction may be missing their target, or worse- their content is bad. when marketers realized that cookie-cutter content would fall flat fast and disappear, the overall gradation towards quality came through like a sweeping force.

Yet, there is a slight wrench in the story here. Fake news really made a major impression in 2016. The proliferation of content that was not vetted or proven was still absorbed and shared in record numbers. Unfortunately, it was believed. No matter what side of the political argument the fake news was deriving from, having fake news be believed as truth is an unfortunate abuse of media power. This is not a Republican or Democratic matter. This is a social matter.

It may also be a matter that proves the rule. The fake news itself did not have any staying power. It faded into oblivion. Companies that rely on news articles that are not of high-quality (whether outright fake or not) and use content of a diminished quality may face the same fate. Their efforts may fade away into a small footnote after a few months.